Snow Covered Sage

descending the mountain
in the darkness
I have been gifted vision
tired and weary
I am stronger now
upon my return voyage
carrying my reward on my back
like a tortoise across the sand
home travels with me now
the comfort of its walls
the glow held within
self-love humbly burning
fuel the furnace within
when I make camp in the evenings
I weave a welcome mat
of sage and piñon
scoop a mason jar through the air
and catch a bit of moon
this is the porch light I leave
burning for you
the welcome mat awaiting
your tiny feet
the kettle fired by my love
always bubbling, awaiting
to steep the leaves
gathered on your journey
if you choose to find me again
follow the scent of sage
and the glow of the moon
for here I will be singing
if you choose to harmonize
with my tune

Jay William HendersonComment