Marrow in the Morrow

Pry this weight from my bones
Tear apart my ribcage
And release the burden attached to my heart
For it hinders me
Like a force a thousand times greater than Newton imagined
I must spit out this lump in my throat
Chew it up and curse my own name
It is mine, this is my blame
Cry out with blood soaked jowls
"This is my shame!"
My words salty and metallic
My face contorted, forcing wrinkled peaks of flesh
Violent, like plates forging mountains
Driving forward and opening lonesome valleys
Eyes flushed and burning with the rivers damed inside
Now broken and flashing
Carving yet more valleys to echo my shame
To echo her name
"You fool, you fucking fool"
"You've created this torturous mess"
"You and you alone"
Like a serpents strike my tongue confessed
Like a stone in my stomach
Unable to digest
I will host for this blame
It will be my honored guest
Until it finally consumes me
Or, I lay it down to rest