'X' Marks the Spot

It takes being separated to realize our oneness. It takes an earthquake to unearth a jewel. Silence to finally be able to hear the beauty between the words. For the words are not what anyone is clamoring about. They only serve as proxy to what is being described. I say "I love you". But that word is just a word. Just a marker on a map. Love is the hidden 'X' marks the spot. The treasure that is love is not held in the word. Shakespeare has still said it best.

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

We have all heard it a million times over. But it is a far more profound a statement than most give credit to. All we have is language in this world to describe that which we are feeling. Let us not forget that when we talk and listen to subjects such as "god", "heaven", "enlightenment", "love", "divine" etc. We can not place a description on these things. They are far greater than we will ever be able to explain. They can only be felt. It is deeply personal to each individual. As soon as we put a definition on it, the meaning is lost on us.

Jay William HendersonComment