Being Naked

The world has unfortunately (perhaps fortunately), recently been stripping us all bare. But, its beautiful at times to be naked. It is there we can see ourselves for who we truly are. Not what we are identifying with as ourselves. We are not contractors, doctors, artists, etc. We are not rich, middle class or poor. We are not black, brown or white. Not Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, etc. We all just are. All cut from the same cloth. Cast from the same mold. Composed of the same molecules and atoms. Composed of the same oneness we all share. The same spirit. Don't let the nakedness overtake you. Let it teach you. Teach you all the things about yourself that were once covered up. Every scar, freckle, mole, wrinkle, hair and pore. Someone once told me that,

"In the darkest days its useless to fight against it. You can't outrun it. The only way out is in."

I never understood that until these last few months. There are many beautiful teachers out there for us. May we all find one to connect to. Thank you for your wisdom.

Jay William HendersonComment