In the Mourning

I awake every morning in fear and turmoil.

My heart sickens and slumps slowly into my stomach.

Both nod in agreement and ache collectively.

I want the pain to stop.

I need the grief to subside.

I need there to be reason in at least one of the thousands of tears that I've cried.

I need hope.

I need help.

I need one door to open amongst all the others marked denied.

I need relief.

I let out a sigh.

I need relief.

Its a strange struggle with yourself when you question whether to stay alive.

I imagine that we are all given challenges to propel us into being stronger more loving humans.

To build character and help us find consciousness in a very unconscious world.

I also imagine that if I am not strong enough to hold this in my current form then perhaps

I will be able to maneuver this space in another. 

Jay William HendersonComment