Stitches, Stacks and Sunburns

I just spent about two weeks in the Sonoran Desert at a primitive skills workshop called 'Wintercount'. We received a call from friends while we were in Tucson, AZ saying that they needed more people on the work crew to help set up and tear down camp in trade for being there. We jumped at the opportunity. There were so many people to meet and so much to learn that it quickly became a bit overwhelming. We were thrilled all the same. 

We woke early at started working. Rebuilding roads, filling in washes, setting up canvas tents, stacking firewood, unloading trailers, etc. Learning all the while the information I've been dying for. Simple things like proper knot tying to more complex things (to me at least). Like how to raise canvas structures with wood poles. 

I did cut my finger pretty good while carving the dowel ends of the roof rafters in our yurt building class. The pine splintered and I lost all traction and ended up in my thumb. A bit of a drive into town and four hours later I had four stitches in my thumb. Learned a lot though. Can't wait to build my own now someday soon I hope.

Well the show must go on as they say. I can't exactly play guitar now until my thumb is all healed up. Its right on the joint so I can't bend it. Hopefully it will heal up quick and I can move past the stiffness and get back at it. More shows soon to come. 

Jay William HendersonComment