Wise Hands

It seems to me that the “old ways” of doing things are becoming more and more forgotten. Lost in vague esoteric terms or simply erased purposefully by powers that know we are easier to control when we are slaves to our current cultural fabrication. I am by no means a “mountain man”. Nor am I someone who could self sustain if thrown out in the wild, left to survive by my own hand. I am however, heavily drawn to getting there. I had the good fortune of meeting a man who is certainly capable of all things mentioned above and below this statement. I spent the past few days having a crash course on some of the simplest aspects. Making fire with bow drills, making cordage from wild plants, flint napping agates, cherts and obsidian. Making primitive tools for polishing stone and drilling holes to make beautiful jewelry. The latter being how David sustains him and his family. The independence that comes with these skills is part of what I am striving for. We met at his home nestled against the cliffs and a beautiful creek, one of which you can still drink from. Probably one of the few left in the USA. Its a wonderful feeling drinking water untainted by chemicals and toxins. The most delicious water I have ever experienced. There are still some places in the world seeming untouched or soiled by mans greed. This is certainly one.