I traveled up to Fish Springs, UT over the weekend to see the wildlife refuge and to sit in the corroded old bath tub filled with the ridiculously hot mineral spring water running into it from above. This was fun for me as there is a story that Edward Abbey tells about sitting in the same tub. We drove down the Fish Springs mountain range the next day and stumbled upon an ancient reef of fossilized sea shells and muscles of some sort. I didn't find the best specimen so I am headed back to get some nice ones. I did however get a beautiful calcite stalagmite top that was growing in a cave next to the muscles. It is just the top but, it is so beautiful. Hard to say if I will ever come across such a thing again. I will have it up on the website soon. It was also a 'supermoon' that evening. The desert was as bright as it could ever be through the cloudless night. The mosquitos had a wolf pack mentality and were treating us like a buffet dinner. With our arms, legs and faces so sufficiently bitten only a blind man could interpret their meaning, we finally made it to sleep exhausted from our swatting and cursing. All in all it was a beautiful way to spend a birthday.